Rivelo is the next-generation FP&A SaaS platform that boosts your company’s Financial performance and reveals real business opportunities. A fast-growing platform which supports many publicly traded and private companies in several fields. An integrated end-to-end system able to automate 90% of FP&A activities.

Rivelo is 100% customized, fast, user-friendly and flexiblee.




Rivelo Platform (formerly known as Mobra Platform) has established itself as an innovative solution for companies seeking a new efficient and easy way to manage the FP&A process through automation and integration. 

The platform was born from the intuition of its founder, a professional of top consulting firms, expert in corporate finance and lecturer in Corporate Finance and Financial Modeling at renowned Business Schools. His vision was to create a digital solution that overcame the limitations of Excel models, which often get outdated as time goes by and end up being only nice projects but tricky to use.

The training company was then founded, which later turned into a technology company. The underlying idea of Rivelo Platform is that Excel is a tool that allows C-Level Management to perform value-added analysis with some limitations, including security, reliability, lack of automation and the need to standardize data.

Rivelo Platform is able to cope with all these issues thanks to an innovative platform which allows companies to quickly implement their FP&A and CPM solution and to use and adjust the platform (without any IT support) according to their needs. Advanced algorithms have also been introduced to provide immediate valuable insights, turning the platform into a true Business Partner for the Management and the Board.

why Rivelo platform

New Insights, New Results

I am the Business Partner of C-Level executives.

A real tangible way to achieve your own strategic goals

Our vision

A world where improving business performance and strategic decision-making are fully automated.

Our mission

To be the Strategic Partner of companies, a real and tangible support to optimize the financial performance.

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Rivelo is the robo-advisory solution that helps optimize daily business decisions, acting on all business levers, integrating and harmonizing them.

Companies see major improvements in their financial performance in just 12 weeks after Business-driven development. Speed, Flexibility Customization, Consumer-centricity are Rivelo’s cornerstones.

Rivelo combines its algorithms with the flexibility of Excel to create a dynamic and automated digital system, focused on supporting daily business decision. It’s fully customizable and easy to integrate with existing analysis and ERP systems, without additional IT development.

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