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New Insights, New Results

I optimize business performance.

92% of customers say they get tangible benefits within a few months

Rivelo plays an active role in supporting Management decision-making 

EBITDA Margin%:+7.9%

Real-time profit margin per product and alignment with the company’s income statement

Profit curve in relation to purchases and inventory valuation

Ongoing monitoring of product’s profit margin by both bottom-up and top-down approaches

Identification of items with low turnover

NWC:-18% YOY%

Ongoing inventory turnover and valuation with negative trend alert system

Inventory turnover optimization with real-time alerting system

Individual Customer-Supplier DSO and DPO metrics

Monitoring of negative trends in Net Working Capital

Free Cash Flow + 25%

Automatic detection of variables with the greatest impact on FCF and NCF

Monitoring of the company’s daily/monthly direct Cash Flow

Recording of Cash Flow changes and automatic detection of causes

Valued for its user-friendly approach.

I support your business effortlessly 

Business Case #1​

Retail Industry

-11,4% of stock availability

Stock rotation control model (SKC/SKU) for stores and centralized warehouses, integrating many internal and external input variables


of total stock



reduction of slow-moving inventory

review of discount policies

Business Case #2​

Machinery Industry

+4,9% profit on the order

Management accounting job-by-job income statements for each driver with delta kick-off and closing, by automation of control and verification of impact on profitability. Perfect alignment between job-by-job income statement and the company’s income statement.


incremental EBITDA margin% (delta YoY%)



contribution margin vs. budget

inventory reduction by optimizing the procurement process

Business Case #3​

Metal Industry

+8,5% EBITDA Margin%

Real-time product’s profit margin and of its impact on the company’s income statement and on each business line, thanks to fast algorithms comparing purchases, sales and stock. Company’s Budgeting & Forecasting aligned with the follow-up control model.


incremental EBITDA margin% (delta YoY%)



contribution margin vs. budget

inventory reduction by optimizing the procurement process

Business Case #4​

Consumer Goods Industry

+12,9% project margin

Mobra robo-advisory algorithms generating weekly insights aimed at business drivers optimization, supporting Management decision-making


Gross Margin% over 12 weeks



free cash flow

Days Inventory Outstandings

Discover some business cases of Rivelo.

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Strategic growth with full control of past and future performance

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BF Cosmoprof S.P.A.

Cash flow and event budgeting and forecasting 

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Profil Center S.R.L.

Control past and future product margin for full performance control

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Bystronic S.P.A.

Rolling forecast and control on project margin 

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EdiliziAcrobatica S.P.A.

Driving value with full control of the group’s financial trends

Partner of choice of many companies.

My goal? I reveal real opportunities to optimize your company’s performance

Yes. Our advisory team helps you review or develop the planning and control model.

No. Reports are created according to your company’s needs depending on the available information.

The connection is carried out by our IT team together with your IT team or an external IT team. Normally, it takes a few hours to complete the task. 

The connection is safe and reliable. Some of our team members deal with Cyber Security and are able to address any concerns you may have.

Yes, all advisors are expert in Corporate Finance and Financial Modeling. This makes communication with the customer easier and speeds up activities.

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