I reveal real opportunities for your business

100% customized, fast, user-friendly, flexible

I automate your FP&A model, reducing the analysis time by 90% and driving value for your business

Partner of choice of many companies.

My goal? I reveal real opportunities to optimize your company’s performance

Valued for its user-friendly approach.

I support your business effortlessly


Rivelo is the next-generation FP&A SaaS platform that boosts your company’s Financial performance and reveals real business opportunities. A fast-growing platform which supports many publicly traded and private companies in several fields. An integrated end-to-end system able to automate 90% of FP&A activities. Rivelo is 100% customized, fast, user-friendly and flexible. Rivelo – New Insights, New Results


I speed up decision-making, thanks also to robo-advisory algorithms

Growth Enabler

I make business development easier with cutting-edge technology

Strategic Partner

I support the management in implementing and grounding the strategy

CFO Tech

I control the business levers with a focus on ongoing improvement

Plug & Play with all your data.

I stay connected to automate repetitive manual tasks

I deliver results.

Impacts calculated on the customers that have implemented the platform for at least 6 months









I optimize your company’s performance.

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Rivelo is the robo-advisory solution that helps optimize daily business decisions, acting on all business levers, integrating and harmonizing them.

Companies see major improvements in their financial performance in just 12 weeks after Business-driven development. Speed, Flexibility Customization, Consumer-centricity are Rivelo’s cornerstones.

Rivelo combines its algorithms with the flexibility of Excel to create a dynamic and automated digital system, focused on supporting daily business decision. It’s fully customizable and easy to integrate with existing analysis and ERP systems, without additional IT development.

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